Never underestimate the power of perfect eyebrows & great skin.

Your trusted Beauty Therapist & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Casey brings 20 years experience as a beauty therapist & cosmetic tattooist in the industry.

Casey is your trusted beauty therapist, using the latest techniques in all areas of beauty and cosmetic tattooing-feather brows, combination brows, lip tattoo, eyeliner tattoo and tattoo removal.

Not only is Casey a perfectionist, but she also brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure all her clients get the results they desire.

The Beaut’e Studio offers a range of services, ensuring we have the perfect treatment for your beauty and cosmetic tattoo journey.

Cosmetic Tattooing

The Beaut’e Studio offers a range of tattoo options, from feather and combination brows to eyeliner and lips.

We also offer tattoo removal.


The Beaut’e Studio Uses Organic skincare, we offer you a tailored facial to suit every skin type.

We cater to everyones desires from a deep cleanse to advanced skin treatments.

Brow Lamination & Lash lifts

At The Beaut’e Studio we offer for all the latest treatments.


Tattoo Removal

Using saline removal solution and a tattoo machine to break down the existing pigment and fade away the colour. Sessions are determined by how much needs to be lighten and or removed.